Are Gaming Glasses Worth It? Everything About Gaming Glasses

Gaming exposes one to several hours of staring at their computer monitor or TV. But spending a lot of time staring at a screen has physical as well as mental effects on your body. Your vision is one area that can be significantly affected.

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), also called digital eye strain, has become a common condition among individuals who spend much time on their screens, whether gamers or not. Symptoms include dry eyes, shoulder pain, and blurred vision.

Now, gaming glasses are said to combat these symptoms. They are designed to reduce the adverse effects of screen time, which may be causing pain or inconvenience.

But, do these glasses work? Do they really help? And what happens when you wear them? We’ve written this guide to help you answer these questions and hopefully help you make an informed decision.

What Are Gaming Glasses?

what are gaming glasses

Gaming glasses are like any pair of glasses, only that they have specific lenses used for reducing glare and eye strain. As the name suggests, they’re designed for online and offline gamers.

Computer monitors, TVs, or smartphones emit blue light when their screens are on. Staring at these devices can cause eye strain and impair one’s vision. Gaming glasses offer blue light protection.

These glasses also reduce glare while providing a lighter hue (yellow tint), which helps users see colors clearly and vividly. This feature is useful when you’re playing online competitive first-person shooters and also in online Multiplayer games.

The glasses provide an added edge in vision hence helping you easily see where an enemy is hidden. Additionally, they’re useful for those who want to keep up with fast-paced games. By reducing glare and blur, these glasses will improve clarity, which is important for all the games you enjoy playing.

Gaming glasses come in different styles and at varying prices. Some are sold for as cheap as $30, and other high-end ones go up to as high as $300. The make and model, as well as how stylish you want your glasses to be, will determine how much you pay.

How Gaming Glasses Work

how gaming glasses works

Gaming glasses come with blue light blocking properties. They work by either blocking or absorbing blue light hence reduce glare while improving your vision’s sharpness.

Many people claim to have relaxed eyes and better quality of sleep when the visible light spectrum’s blue-violet section is blocked. However, note that brands use different technologies as well as methods to reduce blue light, meaning that the reduction amount differs in gaming glasses.

Also, these glasses work by reducing bright lights, which can cause dry eyes when playing for long periods. By doing this, they help reduce the number of headaches individuals have while gaming.

Additionally, to minimize squinting further, these glasses offer slight magnification that makes things bigger without messing with your screen’s resolution. But, you’ll hardly notice this magnification.

Plus, this effect is usually temporary. Therefore, your vision when you are not wearing the glasses will not be affected. By decreasing blue light exposure and providing an increased view size, these glasses reduce eye strain that comes from using your screens.

This ultimately improves your gaming experience as it allows you to stay on top of your vision. When one wears gaming glasses, their eyes will not be affected by the harsh blue light, hence help relieve CVS symptoms in individuals experiencing them.

Features of Gaming Glasses

Let’s go over the features of the gaming glasses and see what makes them a unique glass

#1: Higher Contrast when Playing Games

Gaming glasses feature tinted lenses that increase the contrast in how one views their screen. Therefore, it offers a more detailed vision hence helping one to quickly spot reactions compared to when they don’t have these glasses.

#2: Filter out Reflections

Even with high-end computer displays, reflections of bright spots in the windows, lights, etc. of your rooms are still present. The lenses in gaming glasses help filter out these reflections thus, they won’t be distracting anymore.

#3: Reduce Computer Vision Syndrome

Gaming glasses are designed to minimize the visual stress your eyes endure. By doing this, they help prevent neck and shoulder pain, dry eyes as well as headaches that are associated with CVS. Note that the gamers’ vision is essential. Therefore, ensure that you give your eyes enough protection.

#4: Reduce Glare

Games have different pixels. Strong contrasts often make screens flicker or flash, which causes glare. Gaming glasses are effective in reducing glare from your screens.

By doing that, they also help improve focus. Note that no matter the screen size you’re playing on, your eyes are working 100%. This intense concentration causes less blinking and reduces eye movement.

But, when you wear gaming glasses, your eyes won’t need to work so hard. Hence, they can focus for an extended period.

#5: Better Sleep

Blue light affects circadian rhythms, which can affect our sleep patterns. It’s why blue light blocking glasses are necessary as they can help improve a person’s sleep quality, which has a positive effect on their concentration when gaming.

Who Should Buy Gaming Glasses?

Gaming glasses are not for everyone. Casual gamers who only play Candy Crush or Viva Pinata all day long don’t experience intense eye strain compared to competitive gamers.

Well, not that there’s anything wrong with playing these games, but, they don’t require similar eye protection as other games.

Apart from the type of game one is playing, the length at which they’re playing that game also matters. Casual gamers spend approximately 5 plus hours without stopping, meaning that there’s less strain on their eyes, hence they can do without gaming glasses.

But, if you’re a casual gamer who spends long periods playing, then you might need to invest in a pair of gaming glasses.

Final Thoughts: Are Gaming Glasses Worth It?

Gaming glasses are a great investment. They improve a gamer’s vision during gameplay and reduce the level of strain your eyes suffer when playing.

Plus, they also help reduce issues with impaired vision as one grows older. If you love to play games and want to improve your gaming experience, a pair of gaming glasses can be a worthwhile investment.

Spending several hours staring at your monitor affects your eyes. Therefore, blue light blocking glasses, regardless of the price, are worth considering.

No matter the type of gamer you are, once you get used to these glasses, you’ll have a distinct advantage over other players as they give you increased contrast in color.


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