15+ Best Gaming Glasses 2021 [Maximum Eye Protection]

best gaming glasses
best gaming glasses

Blue light is a type of light that is found on televisions, computers, and cell phones. It is said to cause headaches and interrupt sleep-wake cycles.

Although blue light from these screens isn’t harmful compared to the Ultra Violet light from the sun, people are using blue light blocking glasses to prevent or reduce the negative effects associated with the blue light.

There isn’t any evidence proving whether or not wearing blue light blocking glasses can improve macular health.

However, reviews from users say that they had a positive experience when wearing them.

Therefore, if you’re unable to sleep or you have regular post-work headaches, buying one may be a worthwhile investment.

Whether you are a regular PC gamer or not, gaming glasses can be an ideal accessory for you.

They’re designed with colored lenses and filters to protect your eye from the disruptive elements of the spectrum.

If you’re thinking of investing in the best gaming glasses, here are our top picks.

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Best Gaming Glasses

Below is our list of recommended best gaming glasses for maximum eye protection against blue light.

#1. Anti -Blue Light Gaming Glasses

anti blue light gaming glasses

Our Anti-Blue Light Gaming Glasses are engineered to eliminate digital eye strain and recommended by doctors to protect your vision during the computer and device usage.

The special lenses eliminate eye-strain and reduce headaches caused by scattering blue light.

Your eyes don’t have to work as hard to focus on that high-energy, short-wavelength spectrum.

You will be able to fall asleep faster, stay asleep throughout the night, and wake up feeling much better-rested. Filtering blue light helps regulate melatonin production and helps your body adjust back to its natural sleep rhythm.

Long term blue light exposure can lead to serious medical conditions such as macular degeneration. Rather than treating this condition later in life, it’s far more beneficial to prevent it together.

The glasses provide excellent protection from blue light and best of all their frames are lightweight as they are made from plastic. Meaning, you can wear them comfortably as long as you want.

Trust me, since you can’t get rid of your computer or phone, investing in blue light glasses is the most reasonable option.


  • Block Blue Light
  • Reduce Digital Eye Strain
  • Prevent Dry Eyes
  • Minimize Glare
  • Help You Sleep Better


#2. Anti-Blue Light Clip-On Gaming Glasses

anti blue light clip-on glasses


Do you love gaming and you’re currently dealing with dry eyes or have trouble sleeping? Then our Anti-Blue Light Clip-On Gaming Glasses is for you!

Every gamer needs this.

The clip-on allows them to work with various kinds of glasses effectively blocking over 65% of blue light and almost 100% of the harmful blue light spectrum.

Blocking out the Blue Light from your screen allows you to focus on your game completely without any problems.

Also, Bluelight from screens prevents you from quickly falling into a restful sleep, especially by messing with your daily cycle.

However, with our anti-Bluelight clip-on glasses, you can fall asleep very quickly and enjoy a perfect night’s rest to wake up refreshed and focus completely on your game.


  • Lightweight frame and comfortable to wear;
  • Works well blocking blue light ultraviolet when using a computer, smartphone and iPad Reduces eye strain;
  • Fashionable in style;
  • Gives relief when you’re having a headache and/or dry eyes; and
  • Suitable for both men and women.


#3. GUNNAR Optiks Gaming Glasses

gunnar optiks glasses

This Gunnar glass is known for creating impressive gaming glasses and this model won’t disappoint.

These glasses can block 65% and 100% of blue light and UV light, respectively.

They also come with an anti-reflective feature that helps wearers to deal with other light sources surrounding them.

If you’re experiencing dry eyes, headaches, or blurry vision from gaming, they’re the best pair to have.

Plus, they come with a microfiber pouch and a cleaning cloth. And, if you don’t think they’re right for you, you can simply return them within the first 30 days of your purchase.


  • Stylish Pair of Glasses
  • Lightweight
  • Come with a 30-day return policy


  • Can’t be worn over prescription glasses
  • Below average blocking of light

#4. GUNNAR Razer RPG Gaming Glasses

Gunnar razer glasses

If you’re not used to wearing glasses, finding a comfortable pair of gaming glasses can be a struggle.

This model features a lightweight frame that you can wear for hours. They come with a subtle amber tint that reduces 65% of blue light and blocks 100% of UV light.

They also give an outstanding color quality and come with a 0.20x magnification, which makes reading long text blocks comfortable.

Additionally, the glasses come with an anti-reflective coating that prevents reflections from corners even in bright light.

These Razer glasses are also versatile meaning you can use them whether you are working or playing on your screens. Again, they come with a microfiber pouch and cleaning cloth.


  • 12-month warranty
  • Durable lenses
  • Several tint options to reduce blue light exposure
  • Comfortable and sturdy pair of glasses


  • Fairly expensive
  • Difficult to clean

#5. GUNNAR MLG Phantom Gaming Glasses

gunnar mlg

The MLG Phantom doesn’t disappoint. They have the second largest lens coverage in the eSport series.

These glasses are designed to help an optimal visual experience when gaming.

They feature Gunnars i-AMP technology and Ultra Slim temples that are gently curved.

The glasses can block both UV light and blue light, as with all other Gunnar models. They also have an anti-reflective coating on the front and back of the lens and adjustable silicone pads.

Their lenses are coated with silicone to prevent them from scratching and are compatible with Asian Fit.


  • Sturdy and comfortable lens
  • Fairly priced
  • Feature an anti-glare coating to prevent the risk of dry eye


  • Amber-colored lenses may not be appealing to everyone

#6. Hyper X Gaming Eyewear

hyper x

If you’re a serious gamer, this pair is a must investment. The glasses provide excellent protection from blue light.

Their frames are lightweight as they are made from plastic. Therefore, you can wear them comfortably for hours.

Hyper X Glasses are unisex. But they’re designed to be worn with a gaming headset.

However, this can be advantageous for people who wear a headset and are frequently exposed to screens in their office setting.

They’re designed with clear lenses meaning that you enjoy the true color information while gaming. Buyers get a hardshell case for storing the glasses.


  • Various frames to choose from
  • Made from high-quality M-R8 material hence are durable
  • Stylish and versatile frames


  • Expensive model
  • Limited customization on glasses

#7. Gamma Blue Light Ray Blocking Glasses

Gamma Blue Ray Light Blocking Glasses

For hardcore gamers who want to look good while gaming, these are the gaming glasses to buy.

They are stylish, compact, and give gamers a visual appeal that suits them. The frames and lenses are made using a lightweight plastic material, which makes them comfortable and flexible.

Their lenses are only 53mm wide each and are non-polarized to prevent distortion as well as other risks to your eyes.

You can wear them for as long as you wish without feeling uncomfortable. Apart from an appealing design, this model also protects the gamer’s eyes from exposure to blue light.

Wearing them keeps your eyes focused, which allows you to play better for longer periods.


  • Stylish and affordable pair
  • Comfortable and flexible frames
  • Offer excellent protection from blue light
  • Feature a 90-days money-back guarantee


  • You may need to adjust the magnification
  • Can cause some color distortion
  • Frames come in one size

#8. GameKing Ultra Clip-On

gameking ultra blue light clip on

These GameKing Clip-on computer glasses feature a rimless design, allowing them to work with various glasses.

The lenses are effective at blocking light as they block 60% of all blue light and as much as 85% of the harmful blue light spectrum.

They also protect wearers from UV light as well as reflections hence giving their eyes much comfort.

While you can choose from various clip styles, it’s recommended that you choose glasses whose frame is not more than 38mm in height.


  • Lightweight frames
  • Come with a lifetime warranty


  • Perfect for those who are already wearing prescription glasses because of the clip-on feature

#9. Swannies Premium Daytime Glasses

swannies premium bluelight blocking glasses

Fashion is not overlooked even in the gaming industry. Gamers were pictured as plain and dab. But today, that is far from the truth.

If you want blue light blocking glasses with bold fashion, these are the right pair. They come fitted with blue light blocking abilities to block much light.

They are also lightweight for maximum ‘wearability’. Plus, they feature anti-reflective and anti-glare coatings.

These glasses are available in various sizes hence you can choose one that comfortably fits your head. And you can customize them the way you want, including the lens dimension.


  • Environmentally friendly frames made from acetate
  • Various stylish models to choose from


  • Fairly expensive compared to other options in the market

#10. ANNRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses

ANNRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses

These glasses are one of the most stylish and affordable pair in the market. Although they’re not exactly the top performer, they’re suitable for the average user.

Plus, they come with some impressive features that aren’t often found with glasses in that price range.

Their frames are lightweight and the glasses are unisex. You can wear them at home or in the office.

This model comes in two color schemes, which are both attractive. They can filter out 90% of blue light.

The frame is made of TR90 material to ensure durability. Plus, they come with a nice touch of anti-reflective coating.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Stylish and durable glasses
  • Powerful blue light protection


  • Low anti-reflective coating

#11. J+S Vision Reading/Gaming Glasses

J+S Vision Computer Gaming Glasses

These unisex glasses are a must-have if you want to balance style and safety.

They’re capable of blocking 90% of blue light coming from your screens and 100% of UV light, hence offering your eyes total protection.

As they prevent eye strain, wearing them will significantly improve your gaming performance by reducing irritability, headaches, and fatigue.

They can prevent color distortion, allowing you to see your games without interference since the lenses aren’t tinted.

Additionally, the pair comes with spring-loaded temple locks hence can fit people with small and large heads.


  • Excellent protection from blue light
  • Stylish and unisex
  • Minimal color distortion


  • Ordinary appearance

#12. Altec Vision Gaming Glasses

Altec Vision Gaming Glasses

On the outside, these glasses look like any other ordinary glasses. But, the stainless steel design on their frames and plastic legs make them more appealing.

The glasses are tinted yellow, but this tint is barely noticeable. Plus, they come equipped with xBlue resin technology that helps block all UV light and enables them to block 90% blue light.

Therefore, along with eye protection, you can see vivid colors with these glasses.

They also prevent glare and light reflections enabling players to focus on their game without any visual distractions.


  • Inexpensive
  • Help relieve eye strain
  • Can be worn outside like other ordinary glasses


  • Don’t come with magnification abilities
  • Fragile compared to similar gaming glasses

#13. STAMEN Blue Light Blocking Glasses

stamen anti blue light glass

Since you can’t get rid of your computer or phone, investing in blue light glasses is the most reasonable option.

Stamen Blue Ray Glasses are unisex and can be used both at home and at work.

They’re made with blue light blocking polymer, which is incorporated directly into the lens materials.

This polymer also protects your eyes from UV rays. What makes this model special is that its metal frames can be adjusted hence you can find the perfect fit for you.


  • Adjustable frames to accommodate different face types
  • Silicone nose pads for additional comfort


  • Frames are slightly heavier than some other models available

#14. PROSPEK Blue Light Blocking Glasses

PROSPEK Blue Light Blocking Glasses


This is an excellent pair for those who want professional-looking blue light blocking glasses.

They don’t have the yellow tint on them. The lenses can block 50% of blue light and are crystal clear, making them perfect for office wear.

Additionally, they have various magnification strengths. Thus one can find a suitable pair anywhere between 0.00-3.00.

Also, both men and women can wear these glasses and one can order them with a prescription or readers feature inbuilt.

Plus, if you don’t find them a perfect fit, you can return them for a refund.


  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Come in various sizes and colors


  • Lesser blue light blockage coverage

#15. 4EST Wooden Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Looking for a model that incorporates both functionality and style? Look no further.

4EST Wooden Glasses are recommended for individuals who are already experiencing eye problems.

Their wooden frame comes with a touch of elegance and the tinted lenses allow this pair to offer maximum blue light protection.

The lenses can filter as much as 97% of harmful blue light, which is the highest amount we’ve reviewed on this list.

Plus, they are tinted and non-polarized to offer maximum protection. You can use this pair with all electronics like TV, smartphone, etc.

The wooden frame also ensures comfort and durability. Thus, you can wear them for hours without feeling tired.


  • Excellent protection from blue light
  • Appealing design
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Universal fit


  • Can cause some light distortion

#16. PeeperSpecs Focus Square Blue Light Glasses

Peeper glasses are the best for people who want a decent pair but don’t have a big budget.

They offer crisper vision and block 40% blue light from your devices and 99.9% of UV light.

They’re the best for those who spend a lot of time reading on their tablet, Kindle, or laptop.

This model offers different magnification strengths of between 1x to 3x. They’re stylish and come with anti-reflective coating, which minimizes a person’s screen glare as they work or game.

Their spring hinges add an extra layer of comfort while wearing and the anti-reflective coating reduces digital eye strain and glare.


  • Affordable lenses
  • Several magnification strengths


  • Less blue light blocking coverage

#17. DUCO Blue Light Blocking Gamer Glasses

DUCO glasses are comfortable to wear all day when gaming. As they’re lightweight, you’ll hardly feel them on your face.

The arms can bend hence you can adjust to your head width. These glasses block the harmful blue light to offer maximum protection.

They’re unisex and look stylish while protecting your eyes.

Additionally, their RX compatible frame allows them to be used with a prescription lens. Buyers also get a superfine pouch, mini screwdriver, cloth, and a case.


  • Suitable for daytime wear at work
  • Appealing rectangle rim design
  • Help prevent dry and red eyes from computer glare


  • May not be suitable for people with a small head
  • Offer no magnification


Gaming forces a person to sit in front of a screen for hours. This can cause headaches and blurry vision, which can interfere with your day-to-day life.

But, you can prevent this by investing in a pair of gaming glasses. They help improve your gaming experience as well as skills. Your eyes are more comfortable wearing them. Thus you don’t strain to keep up with the game.

Additionally, they reduce fatigue and irritability, which helps you become more immersed in the game.

If you are thinking of buying a pair, you should consider frame durability, lens tint, blue light blocking capabilities, and price.

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